Our Partners

Softworld Ltd

Softworld Ltd provides 3 different services:

1. Recognised Quickbooks Reseller

Softworld Ltd is a recognized reseller in Mauritius for Quickbooks Accounting Software. Quickbooks is one of the easiest small & medium business accounting software on the market. The reason is because the user does not need to be an accounting expert as Quickbooks has one of the most friendly user interface.

Features of Quickbooks include:

  • Using QuickBooks data to prepare a six week view of all your incoming and outgoing cash
  • “What if?” scenarios show how changes could affect weekly cash flow
  • Save time by automatically creating a budget based on your actual QuickBooks data
  • Easily export reports to Excel?, save as PDFs or e-mail reports
  • Multiple company ability

Our services include:

  • Installation
  • Implementation comprise of transferring opening balances to Quickbooks
  • Training
  • Support services on a yearly basis

2. Payroll services

Softworld Ltd also provides payroll services to a wide range of companies operating in different sectors. Services provided include:

  • Preparation of payrolls
  • Ensuring that changes in legislations are complied with
  • Preparation of monthly returns related to payroll such as NPF and PAYE
  • Preparation of yearly returns to be submitted to the authorities
  • Submission of returns to the respective authorities

3. Training

Softworld Ltd also provides training on several accounting subjects. Training is provided to the general public and we may also provide training tailored to the needs of the clients.

Training includes:

  • training on Quickbooks for both new and advanced users
  • workshops on IFRS
  • workshops on issues relating to legislations e.g. VAT
  • guidance on setting up new businesses

Online training is also available for a wide range of courses. Once the user register for a course, he will get access to all the course materials online. Contact us for more details.