At Accounting and Consulting Group, our team of professionals has the required expertise and is familiar with the best practices in several business fields. We can help you find optimal solutions for your business, taking into consideration the resources available to your organization.

Though accounting, auditing and taxation are the main services we offer, we are now expanding our level of specialized services and providing more and more consulting services. We recognize that the increased complexity and high competition level in the business world require more specialized services to be offered than just the traditional accounting and auditing services. We can help you identify the areas affecting the profitability and growth of your business in an adverse way and develop sensible solutions to remedy the situation.

The following is a non exhaustive list of areas in which we provide our expertise to our clients:
  • Business planning
    This involves our assistance in the development of business plans, including financial forecasts and projections for businesses in start up phase.
  • Operational analysis
    This will include our involvement in cost control and reduction strategies of your business.
  • Cash flow and budgeting analysis
    A business, even if profitable, can face liquidity problems. We can help these businesses by preparing forecasts to evaluate the company's financial condition and evaluate the future possible requirements. We can also suggest the sources and uses of the cash flow of the company.
  • Management advisory services
    We can help your company's management team develop long-term objectives and specific strategies to facilitate your business' future growth and success.
  • Providing funds
    We also offer financing assistance to our clients to help them look at the options available to them. We also assist our clients to negotiate with financial institutions.
  • Accounting software selection and implementation
    With our broad expertise in the accounting field, we are in a better position to assess the accounting needs of clients and to recommend the appropriate accounting software that will meet the requirements of the clients. In some cases we also assist in the implementation of the software as well as providing training for the staffs concerned.

    Our sister company Softworld Ltd is an authorized Quickbooks reseller in Mauritius.
  • Business valuations
    At some point or the other, a business may need to be valued for various purposes. Our team of professionals can help clients value their businesses using different methods to have, at the end, an objective valuation.


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