Many companies consider that accounting and auditing services are only a pre-requisite for their business; something that would have been avoided if it wasn't required by legislation. At Accounting and Consulting Group we view it rather as a chance to delve into the client's business and have an inner look at what the figures really mean, while at the same time provide us with the opportunity to bring our vast knowledge of business operations in the company's environment. This helps us to anticipate problems that the client may face in the future and helps us to advise the client to take the appropriate measures.

The audit of financial statements is required by the Companies Act 2001 for non exempt companies. At Accounting and Consulting Group our role as auditors is not limited to only enhance the credibility of the financial statements but to add value to the business of the client.

We believe that a good auditor will use the audit process as a means of obtaining a detailed understanding of the business. This will include a comprehensive knowledge of the internal control systems of the organization which will be gathered through constant involvement with the key people. As such, we as auditors will be in a better position to contribute to the strategy of the organization.

Our engagement in your organization begins with gaining a thorough understanding of the business processes. This will include meetings with top management as we consider that they are the persons who can provide us an overall view of how well the business is performing in the market. As an aid to better understanding the performance, we also make available to our clients competitors' figures.

The end products of our engagement are the audit report and a report given to management highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the business processes so that management may take the appropriate actions. Our report helps the client to identify problem situations before they even arise and our report also suggest appropriate actions to be taken.

Our partner is involved in all the stages of the engagement.


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