Whatever be the size of a company, keeping accurate and well-organized financial records help the business to take more informed and correct decisions. Whether the decisions are to be taken on a daily basis or in long term strategies, meaningful and timely information needs to be available to management.

At Accounting and Consulting Group, we recognize the importance of keeping proper financial records. Our firm provides a full range of accounting services including the following:
  • Bookkeeping on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
  • Financial statement preparation including management accounts on a monthly basis.
  • Computerized payroll system. This also includes making the required returns, such as NPS and PAYE, for the client on a monthly basis.
  • Reviewing the financial records and preparing VAT returns on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Setting up of accounting systems for newly set up companies or for those who want to restructure their accounting systems.
  • Training of personnel to improve and deliver more meaningful financial information.
In addition our partner KBA Investment Ltd can also help clients decide on the most appropriate form of legal entity during the start up phase. We also help clients with the documentation required for the incorporation of a business.


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Accounting and Consulting Group